Community Rankings for Healthy Eating Across the U.S.

Posted on June 7, 2017 • Category: Well-Being

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Lattie F. Coor

Chairman's Point of View

"When CFA set out to build a Citizens' Agenda for Arizona, we didn't know it would end up placing Arizona at the center of a national movement to resolve some of the challenges confronting democracy today–the growing lack of confidence that citizens have in government and their growing lack of participation in the civic life of our communities and nation.

In many ways Arizona is a microcosm of these challenges. This fact was made clear in the results of our Arizona Gallup Poll (2009), which identified the deep concerns that Arizonans have about the need for both effective leaders and engaged citizens.

As described by The Arizona We Want report, the people of our state are concerned about policy issues – jobs, education, healthcare, the state's transportation system, water and public resources – and much more. Arizonans also want more citizen engagement in the policy process, more active participation in the civic life of their local communities and more attention paid to nurturing and keeping the state's talented young people."

Learn More about how CFA is activating the Citizens' Agenda for Arizona.

Citizen goals sit at the heart of all we do.

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