2016 Democracy Index

Posted on February 22, 2017 • Category: Government and Politics


The Democracy Index is an annual study that measures the level of democracy available in 167 countries and territories worldwide. In 2016, the Index found that 72 countries had experienced a decline. The U.S. score of 7.98 on a 10-point scale drops America from a “full democracy” to one of 57 “flawed democracies.”

View the distribution of 167 nations across four types of regimes.

View 2016 Democracy Index by type of regime.

KEY FINDINGS of the 2016 Democracy Index

  1. Public trust in government remains at a historic low.
  2. Low-income voters are more distrustful of government and other institutions than high- income voters.
  3. There is less support for democracy among millennials.
  4. Voter turnout in full democracies is generally above 70%.
    Note: Voter turnout in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was 60.2% of eligible voters (AZ: 56.2%). Voter turnout in the U.K.’s Brexit referendum was 72.2%.



7.98 The overall score for the U.S. on the 2016 Democracy Index drops America from a “full democracy” to a “flawed democracy.”
2016 Democracy Index  

The Economist Intelligence Unit, January 25, 2017

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When CFA set out to build a citizens' agenda for Arizona, we didn't know it would end up placing Arizona at the center of a national struggle to address the challenges confronting democracy today–the growing lack of confidence that citizens have in government and their growing lack of participation in the civic life of our communities and nation.

In many ways, Arizona is a microcosm of these challenges. This fact was made clear in the results of the Gallup Arizona Poll (2009), which identified the deep concerns that Arizonans have about the need for both effective leaders and engaged citizens. CFA is now in the process of building Arizona Progress Meters for each of the 8 citizen goals defined by the people who live here. The culmination of these goals is The Arizona We Want.

The Arizona We Want is a long-term vision and it can be achieved if we work together.

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