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The Center for the Future of Arizona on October 2, 2009 announced the establishment of The Arizona We Want Institute, a new, major initiative designed to implement the citizens’ agenda based upon the findings of the center’s recently released Gallup Arizona Poll. The resulting “Arizona We Want” report offers a clear and compelling picture of what citizens think about life in Arizona communities and what they want for the future.

Next steps include developing short-term and long-term plans for achieving the report goals; establishing strategic alliances with Arizona leadership and community organizations to align their organizational goals with those recommended by the report; identifying metrics and creating scorecards to measure progress towards each of the eight goals; partnering with national organizations that are committed to strengthening communities and institutions; and seeking resources to accomplish the implementation plan.


“The Arizona We Want” report is available on a new, highly interactive Web site at Visitors to the Web site can take the poll online and see how similar or different their responses are from those of their fellow citizens.

Printed copies of the report are available by calling (602) 496-1360.

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