The Education We Need

Our goal is to prepare all students to succeed academically beyond high school. Economic opportunity in Arizona depends on high-quality, rigorous K-12 education for every child, plus some credential beyond high school-- be it college, trade, technical or vocational school. By 2020, 68% of all jobs in Arizona will require a postsecondary degree. For employers to succeed, our citizens must be prepared, knowledgeable and experienced. Even the most educated among us will only prosper if we can find local career opportunities and growth. If we have excellence and equity in education, then everything else follows: economic prosperity, quality of life, and civic health.

At Center for the Future of Arizona we focus on systemic change that will close the achievement gap, increase educational attainment, and prepare a highly-skilled workforce.  To attain our vision of an education system where every Arizona student is prepared for success in life and becomes a full participant and contributing member to society, we must accelerate the rate of innovation and fundamentally rethink everything we believe we know about schooling today. We must challenge current assumptions about how we design and deliver education, and be open and flexible in our thinking.

Center for the Future of Arizona is a leader in the effort to re-imagine education and create new models for how to reach our goals in the classroom, schools, the community, and statewide. Our focus is:

Incubate innovative education solutions.

  • Challenge current assumptions about education design and delivery.

  • Inspire educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students to share ideas and develop solutions through networking and collaboration.

  • Pilot and evaluate the best personalized learning practices and tools and help scale what works.

  • Create a supportive environment in policy and practice for education innovation.

Empower student success through personalized college and career pathways.

  • Drive the development and implementation of performance-based personalized approaches to learning.

  • Develop career pathways in partnership with business and education that provide young people with the skills and credentials needed for high-wage, high-demand jobs.

  • Streamline the transition between high school and college for students.

  • Create a network of organizations engaged in pathways work in the state to provide greater awareness, cohesion, and cooperation across efforts.

Equip school leaders to help all students succeed.

  • Increase the capacity of school leaders to improve student academic achievement by providing training and mentoring grounded in research.

  • Provide school leaders with tools and resources to successfully design, implement, and sustain innovative practices.

  • Give visibility to effective learning, data analysis, and teaching methods.

  • Engage in public policy discussions that promote the ability of schools to improve student performance and close achievement gaps.

Learn about what education innovation looks like in practice and how you can engage.

Redesign Education


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