Create a Student-Centered Education System

Center for the Future of Arizona is fundamentally rethinking how the education experience of students is designed and structured. What should our educational system look like if we start from the premise that every student will succeed in education, career and life, and receive personalized support to do so?

CFA approaches its educational design thinking from the perspective of the student. We consider what knowledge and experiences young people need to succeed in education, career and life, and identify new models that can deliver them. Then we take those ideas into action: we implement promising projects, address needed policy changes, and demonstrate through a collaborative approach what student-centered systems change looks like in practice.

CFA has a strong track record for advancing innovative education initiatives that are focused on maximizing individual student outcomes. Move On When Ready delivers a personalized pathway to learning and a high-school diploma students demonstrating they have mastered the skills needed for college and career, rather than “seat time.” Beat the Odds is a capacity-building program for principals, based on Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” methodology; it equips school leaders in disadvantaged communities to help all students succeed. Pathways to Prosperity works with high schools, postsecondary institutions and industry to develop new college and career pathways tailored to student interests and aligned with our state’s workforce and economic development needs.

Arizona is an ideal 21st century laboratory for this work. It is a state that is open to new ideas, to change, and to innovation. It is a place where it is possible to take risk, making it a fertile environment for designing and demonstrating systems change. Demographically, Arizona is on the leading edge of what America will soon look like. In addressing the needs of this demographic, Arizona provides an opportunity to share models that can be instructive to the nation.

Center for the Future of Arizona provides leadership and works directly with schools, policy makers, state agencies, higher education and national partners to create conditions for system change and transform the education system in Arizona.

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