What is the Grand Canyon High School Diploma?

The Grand Canyon High School Diploma is a valid, recognized high school diploma available to Arizona students who demonstrate college and career readiness in all core subject areas before they leave high school. Earning the Grand Canyon High School Diploma means that a student is academically prepared to take college level courses without remediation.

Advancement is based on mastery, not “seat time.” Students advance when they demonstrate they learned the material. When students show they are college-ready in English, mathematics, science, history and the arts, they earn the Grand Canyon High School Diploma.  Students must prove in-depth learning on curriculum-based exams in each of these subject areas, demonstrating skills with writing, analysis, and problem-solving.

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Why is the Grand Canyon High School Diploma important?

“Readiness” means that a student has the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college level courses that count towards a degree or certificate without taking remedial or developmental coursework.

Too many Arizona high school graduates arrive to college only to find out that they need to take remedial courses in math or English that cost money but do not offer them credit towards their degree. We need to know that graduates are READY for college and career—earning college-ready qualification scores gives us confidence that students really are prepared.

Students who earn a Grand Canyon High School Diploma are entitled to all the rights and privileges of a person who graduates with a high school diploma including access to postsecondary scholarships and other forms of student financial aid and access to postsecondary education. 

What happens after a student earns a Grand Canyon High School Diploma?

Students who earn a Grand Canyon High School Diploma can take advantage of many choices—such as advanced courses that offer college credit, graduating early, or career and technical education—to customize their high school experience and support their specific goals and interests. Many of these choices allow high school students to begin earning college credit, so students can begin working on a college degree or career certification while still in high school. Choices include:

  • Remain in high school and continue to prepare for admission into universities with advanced courses, dual enrollment, or specialized programs of study (like the STEM Diploma)
  • Remain in high school and participate in a full-time career and technical education (CTE) program
  • Graduate from high school with the Grand Canyon High School Diploma and enroll full-time in community college

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