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SpeakOut AZ is committed to the mission of the Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA): helping to define and shape Arizona’s future through an action-oriented agenda that focuses on issues critical to our state. CFA is a nonpartisan nonprofit “do tank” that combines research with collaborative partnerships and initiatives that drive the state’s economic prosperity, quality of life and civic health, and create a better future for all Arizonans.

SpeakOut AZ is the community action arm of The Arizona We Want at the Center for the Future of Arizona. We are charged with building a statewide network of individuals, organizations and businesses working together in our schools to ensure every child graduates from high school prepared for college, career and life. This engaged and informed network will also be prepared to mobilize to advocate for education at all levels.

As our schools go, so go our communities and so goes Arizona. Our teachers and schools have suffered from decades of diminishing resources. The result is a disconnect between the high aspirations Arizonans have for education and the low performance of far too many of our children. By strengthening our schools, we can improve student achievement which leads to an educated electorate in our communities. Informed and engaged citizens are better prepared to build The Arizona We Want.

Where does education in Arizona stand now?
Click here to view the Arizona Progress Meters.

In our schools we are aligning efforts already underway and then finding resources to fill the gaps. We recruit and work with community leaders to build volunteer teams focused on efforts that strengthen community connections and contribute to ensuring students are prepared to pursue education and employment training beyond high school. Three crucial stepping stones to reaching that attainment goal are kindergarten reading readiness, 3rd grade reading and 8th grade math proficiency.

Volunteer your time or your organization’s time and resources to help improve education at your local school. Contact Us to find out how.

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