Dr. Lattie Coor, President Emeritus of Arizona State University and University of Vermont, and Dr. Sybil Francis, a public policy architect with leadership experience at the White House Office of Technology Policy and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, established CFA in 2002 to provide impartial analyses, drive collaborative, multi-sector partnerships and identify long-term solutions to the most challenging issues of our time.

When the Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) was established in 2002, it was a time of dynamic change in Arizona. While the economy was still growing, there was an underlying uneasiness as to where Arizona was headed with repeated calls for strong leadership that could create a vision for the state’s future.

The central question before us then and now remains the same. How can Arizona accelerate the rate at which it continues to bring economic prosperity, quality of life and opportunity to the people who live here?

CFA was established as a nonpartisan, nonprofit resource to explore the questions that confront us, focus on big ideas, provide impartial analyses and collaborative leadership that is willing and able to identify long-term solutions to the most challenging issues of our time.

Our intent was never to focus on immediate concerns or to simply identify major issues for discussion. From the beginning our commitment as a self-defined "do tank" is to take promising ideas and put them into action.

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