5 Communities Project
The goal is simple, the challenge enormous.

Launched in spring 2011, the 5 Communities Project set out to discover just how much leadership, creativity and passion could be found among Arizona citizens. We are proud to report that 96 communities responded, more than triple the number expected. After a rigorous three-phase proposal process, the national selection panel chose the 5 Communities Partners in November 2011.

They include:

  • Arizona Wine Growers Association
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • Gangplank
  • International Sonoran Desert Alliance
  • YWCA Tucson

When we set out to create the 5 Communities Project, we didn't know it would end up placing Arizona at the center of a national movement. The viewbook below describes the background of the project, the process and comments from both participants and members of the national selection panel.

5 Communities Project Viewbook