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High School Graduation Rate

Arizona graduation rates are below the national average and the achievement gap for some groups of students is even more alarming.

If Arizona wants to be one of the best states to grow up, live, work and raise a family, we have to focus on increasing the number of young adults graduating high school.

The potential economic impact of increasing our state’s four-year high school graduation rate is significant.

On average, high school graduates earn $8,000 more annually compared to those who don’t finish high school. These young adults are far less likely to worry about unemployment, relying on government assistance, or ever step foot in our prison system.


ASU's Morrison Institute for Public Policy is the data steward for the Education Progress Meter. Data for these indicators was compiled and reviewed for validity.

Data sources and methodology for each of the Education Progress Meter metrics are listed below, with a brief introduction followed by a more in-depth description of the process for producing the final numbers. This is followed by a description of Census Bureau data and a brief look at potential issues with sample-based data.

High School Graduation Rate

The percent of Arizona high school students graduating in 4 years.


Arizona Department of Education, 2017 Graduation Rate Report.

Included in this number

Students in district and charter high schools that graduated within four years.

Not included in this number

  • Students who take more than four years to graduate from high school.
  • Students in private high schools.

In Brief

High school graduation numbers for 2016-17 are provided by the Arizona Department of Education. Four-year graduation rates are reported and broken down by county, ethnicity, poverty status, limited English proficiency, and disability status.

Detailed Methodology

This is a direct download from the Department of Education’s Accountability & Research website. Please see the section ‘School Geography’ for information on how geographies were determined for each school.



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