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Opportunity Youth

For young adults today, gaining some type of advantage is crucial to long-term success. Ideally, that “advantage” comes from some form of further education, training or work experience.

Unfortunately, there is a substantial number of Arizonan’s between the ages of 16 and 24 who aren’t enrolled in school or working.

As a result, these young people are cut off from the individuals, organizations, and experiences that would otherwise help them develop the knowledge, skills, maturity, and sense of purpose required to live rewarding lives as adults.

And the negative effects of youth disconnection weigh on our economy, justice system, and even the political landscape, which impacts all of us.

These young adults are less likely to be employed, more likely to rely on government support, they tend to show worse health conditions and are more likely to be involved in criminal activity; all costly situations for you, taxpayers and for society, both now and in the future.

Opportunity Youth is defined as the percent of 16-24-year olds that are NOT going to school or working.

NOTE: 0% indicates that data is not available due to small sample size or other quality concerns.







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