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The ASU Decision Center for Educational Excellence, the Center for the Future of Arizona and Expect More Arizona collaboratively developed a new advanced feature of the Education Progress Meter which readily provides county, municipal, both public and charter school district, and individual school level data that matters most to local communities.


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Third Grade Reading

Reading is the foundational skill for all future learning, and being able to read by the end of third grade is a crucial milestone in a child’s future academic success.

Research shows that a child’s third grade reading level is a pretty strong predictor of how well a student performs in high school, whether or not they graduate, and if they go on to college.

Third Grade Reading is defined as the percentage of 3rd Graders who pass their language arts assessment with a rate of “proficient” or “highly proficient”.

NOTE: 0% indicates that data is not available due to small sample size or other quality concerns.







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