Who are we and what do we seek to do?

If the Arizona youth are our future, why not provide the next generation with opportunities and resources to make a real difference in our communities? DemocraSeed is an initiative that tackles this goal by seeking to empower our youth through an increase in civic engagement, creative problem solving and entrepreneurship among high school students. By offering a supportive and creative space in which Arizona youth can begin to shape their own communities, we hope to touch on three specific citizen goals: education, environmentalism and sustainability in Arizona, and retaining young talent.

A partnership between the Center for the Future of Arizona and ASU’s Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation, DemocraSeed mentors and trains students on city and tribal youth councils to utilize design thinking in order to develop innovative programs to increase civic engagement. Equipped with these tools and knowledge, students will be empowered to identify real world issues and create and pilot financially sustainable peer-to-peer civic engagement interventions that will ultimately impact their own communities.

With whom do we work?

DemocraSeed works with qualifying high school students participating through city and tribal youth throughout the state of Arizona.

How will students learn to empower themselves and in turn impact their communities?

Chosen youth councils will be paired with ASU mentors who will work with them to identify pertinent civic issues in their communities and utilize design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset to develop innovative solutions. In addition, the youth councils will receive training and support from the Entrepreneurship + Innovation team at ASU and the Center for the Future of Arizona.

Students on the youth councils

  • Develop and implement civic engagement interventions that motivate their peers and communities to increase participation in one or more of the civic health behaviors
  • Practice civic engagement while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through design-thinking methods and entrepreneurship
  • Use interdisciplinary methods to create hands-on projects
  • Tie design thinking and civic engagement to real-world problem-solving activities, which benefit their communities for real world impact
  • Communities, in turn, reap the rewards of student ingenuity. Using real-world projects represents a unique and impactful way to marry civics education and design thinking to community needs.
  • Create solutions based on the aforementioned three citizen goals: education, environmentalism and sustainability in Arizona, and retaining young talent.

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