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Stronger and Brighter Campaign

From the CEO

What do you want Arizona to be?

In ways that we could never have imagined, 2020 made us all stop and think about this important question.

It is a question the Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) asks Arizonans every day. Inspired by their answers, our STRONGER AND BRIGHTER Campaign will help bring about the Arizona we all want, one marked by prosperity, quality of life, and opportunity for all.

My colleagues and I at CFA are passionate about Arizona and our shared commitment to creating a stronger and brighter future for our state.

I am reaching out to you and other companies, businesses, nonprofits, social services groups, and foundations who also believe in and love Arizona. I invite you to partner with CFA in launching an exciting new initiative and in expanding our impact.

CFA will help lead the way to a stronger and brighter future for Arizona.

How? CFA’s exciting new Gallup Arizona Project will help identify what matters most to Arizonans and focus on what unites us. CFA will use the results to raise awareness about our shared priorities, bring critical issues to public attention, and help mobilize communities around the issues they care most about. Campaign funds will also be used to further strengthen CFA’s own work and impact in education, workforce development, and civic engagement.

Our goal is to raise $5 million in private philanthropy by 2023. These funds will be leveraged in a 3:1 ratio with dollars raised from other sources, providing CFA with $20 million on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

Most importantly: We have to start now.

Your partnership will help Arizona rise to meet the challenges we face—and to take advantage of the opportunity we have to bring about real change.

An investment in CFA is an investment in a stronger and brighter future for our state.

I’m grateful for your interest in CFA’s mission and for your commitment to Arizona. Together, let’s launch Arizona’s stronger and brighter future today.


Sybil Francis, Ph.D.
Sybil FrancisSybil Francis, Ph.D.
President & CEO


Join Us!

Arizona’s STRONGER AND BRIGHTER future is within sight. With your partnership, the Center for the Future of Arizona is poised to have an enormous impact on the state we all love. Your investment will support the Arizona We All Want by supporting the Gallup Arizona Project, raising awareness and mobilizing Arizonans to action, bringing critical issues to public attention, and strengthening all of CFA’s dynamic programs.

Every dollar we raise in private philanthropy over the next three years will be leveraged 3:1 against dollars from our core institutional partners.

For more information about the Center for the Future of Arizona's STRONGER AND BRIGHTER Campaign, please contact Robert Raygoza, Director of Development, at (602) 496-2276 or [email protected].


Learn more about our STRONGER AND BRIGHTER Campaign by downloading our full prospectus.

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