Arizona Pathways to Prosperity

Arizona Industry Sectors

CFA is developing multiple pathways in the Phoenix and Tucson labor markets by targeting four high-demand, high-growth industry sectors:

  • Energy
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Health / Bioscience
  • Information Technologies

These sectors provide a platform for long-term career development for young people with a two-year degree or more.

Student Impact

Arizona Pathways to Prosperity brings together early career literacy, the integration of high school and postsecondary education, and work-based learning opportunities to create seamless pathways to future careers with strong earning potential. These pathways enable students to discover and connect to future careers equipping them with the the skills, experiences and credentials necessary to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.

If you are interested in Pathways to Prosperity please contact:

Aaron Ball
Director, College and Career Pathways

Cindy Erwin
Director, College and Career Pathways

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