Engaging Communities with Schools as the Hub

SpeakOut AZ, an initiative led by the Center for the Future of Arizona, strengthens local civic engagement in schools to ensure all children have access to the educational and community support they deserve. To do this, SpeakOut AZ mobilizes a network of Arizonans who contribute their time, talents, resources and voices to support schools and build connected and engaged communities with schools at the center.

Community and School Needs

Arizonans agree that education must be a top priority. Schools need our help, however the full contributions of Arizona’s citizens remain untapped. Research shows that civically-engaged communities tend to be stronger, healthier and more connected overall. Furthermore, evidence suggests that high-quality community engagement efforts in schools lead to better educational outcomes for students.

Imagine if we all discovered our role and did our part to support schools by tutoring students, volunteering in our schools, running for school board, advocating for education or making our teachers feel valued. We need the contributions of every Arizonan to create a world-class education system.