Health Care for a Diverse Community

Posted on September 23, 2015 • Category: Healthcare

Asian Americans make up about 4% of the Arizona population, but there’s no immigrant gateway center, like a Chinatown or other area. The community is dispersed throughout the state, and is extremely diverse, with over 60 different languages and people from over 50 different nation-states.

Because of a lack of health care services in this population, Asian Pacific Community in Action was formed in 2002 to meet the health related needs of…

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Cottonwood Wines and Dines

Posted on September 16, 2015 • Category: Community Involvement

By Mindy Riesenberg

Here’s a story about the resurgence of a once-booming town in Arizona, which came about through community involvement, long-term planning and an investment in a local industry.

Planning for Revitalization

When Casey Rooney arrived in Cottonwood from Illinois nine years ago, the city had a beat-up Old Town area full of empty storefronts and drug addicts. Rooney, President and CEO of the Cottonwood Economic Development Council, took a good look around with…

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Verde River @ Clarkdale

Posted on September 16, 2015 • Category: Water, Forests & Open Spaces

By Mindy Riesenberg

Arizona is home to many different landscapes, providing multitudes of outdoor activities. The city of Clarkdale was able to transform an underutilized river into an economic boon. Here’s how.

Tying a Healthy Economy to a Healthy Environment

The city of Clarkdale, Arizona has always had a lush greenbelt of trees running through it, signaling the presence of a river. The unfortunate thing was, residents and visitors couldn’t find a way to get…

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