Adam Lopez-Falk


Manager, Hispanic Leadership Institute
Valle Del Sol

Why are you in Arizona?
I’m a proud fifth-generation Arizonan. My mother’s family has been here since at least 1871. I love this state and feel a deep sense of connection and responsibility to it. This is constantly being reinforced by my work, as I manage Valle Del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute at Valley Del Sol, working to build Latino leadership capacity in Arizona. I also serve as President of the school board of the Alhambra School District.

What concerns you?
While it’s exciting to see the growth of our state, it also can be concerning because of the lack of diverse voices included in its planning. As we continue our progression into the future, and make decisions effecting that future, I hope our leaders remember that over 50% of students in K-12 classrooms are Latino. Arizona’s Latino community trends younger than many other communities, meaning we soon will be the ones who will be taking the mantle of leadership for the future of Arizona. Our collective Arizona story is significant, it’s culturally diverse, and it’s important to tell.

Why would you leave?
I’m never leaving Arizona.


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