Jasmine Snipes


Communications Coordinator, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs
CEO, Jasmine Snipes Consulting

Why are you in Arizona?
I’m a native Arizonan whose immediate family is small with most members residing here. One of the most important things to me is a good “eco-system” of mentors who support my professional and personal development. I worked at the Arizona Legislature for eight years and I'm a contracted equity, diversity, and inclusion facilitator. I also serve as a one-n-ten Board Member. I'm deeply dedicated to community advocacy and service.

What concerns you?
Equity, diversity, and inclusivity are imperative. Marginalized and underrepresented populations must be considered in new and better ways; the resources are out there for us to effectively do this work. We need balance in income and education, and better supported and allocated resources to Arizonans. It’s also important to improve pathways from high school to college. The community college system is critical to that effort and ensuring its health should be a top priority. Also, I'm often the only Black person/woman or one of very few in spaces that need said change.

Why would you leave?
I would leave if an adequate scholarship opportunity emerges for law school. I would also leave for an opportunity to better serve others with my skills.


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