Zach Charnell


Software Engineer

Why are you in Arizona?
I was born here and grew up in the Northwest Valley. I attended the Barrett Honors College at ASU, and found it a stimulating, intellectual environment. I graduated in Engineering in the Digital Culture program. I intended to go out of state for opportunities but found a position at Carvana here in Phoenix, with lots of other young people, and a culture that’s more like an exciting Bay Area company without the ego.

What concerns you?
I’m a software engineer and I don’t see many other companies in Metro Phoenix that offer a workplace that is youthful, demanding, exciting and innovative. I hope that other tech companies in our region begin cultivating the kind of workplace that not only attracts young people, but keeps them.

Why would you leave?
While I have no plans to leave, there’s only so much opportunity for advancement in Phoenix. If I continue to progress in my career, I’ll stay. If not, I will head out of state. I’m interested in obtaining an MBA and while ASU and Thunderbird are possibilities, I am also looking at top programs in other urban areas.


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