Lin Phillips

Lin Phillips

Administrative Specialist


Lin Phillips is executive assistant to Lattie Coor, as Chairman and CEO for the Center and as President Emeritus of Arizona State University. She has been with CFA since its inception in 2002, and since 1983 she has continuously served in administrative support positions in the Office of the President at ASU. Phillips earned her AA degree from Mesa Community College in 1974 and was a medical assistant prior to coming to ASU.

Why does working at CFA support what you are passionate about professionally?
Working at CFA has made me aware of the issues that we must address as a community. I am inspired every day to have an opportunity to work alongside dedicated and caring people who are really making a positive difference in Arizona.

Why do you love Arizona?
I came to Arizona as a child in the 1950’s and have lived here since. Although I am now old enough to make my own choice, I see Arizona as my home for life.  I embrace all of it, the positives and the negatives, because it gives us all a context in which to create our own vision for the future. I believe that Arizona is a place of possibilities.  Being outdoors and exploring the varied landscapes of the state is an ongoing passion.


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