Pat Beaty

Pat Beaty

Senior Fellow


Pat Beaty is a consultant with more than 40 years of experience in the areas of strategic planning and marketing. Prior to joining the Center for the Future of Arizona as a Senior Fellow in 2006, she served as the Vice Chancellor of Strategic Planning for the Colorado State University System, the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing for the Arizona State University Foundation and a Senior Consultant for the ASU Campaign for Leadership. Other consulting work includes various initiatives for the California State University System and other university, nonprofit and business accounts.

Why does working at CFA support what you are about professionally?

The Center is a unique organization that is committed to giving voice to the people of Arizona on issues that affect their individual futures as well as the future of their communities. Its statewide effort to capture the goals of all Arizonans in the Gallup Arizona Poll continues to resonate with both leaders and residents. Maintaining its momentum and finding ways to explore the action steps needed to achieve that future through progress meters and other community-based strategies is a long-term and exciting challenge.

Why do you love Arizona?

It’s my home. I grew up in Glendale, an agricultural community at that time, and I had a wonderful experience. While I have lived outside the state for either school or work for a few years, most of my life has been spent here in Arizona. I love the open spaces and the horizons, the people and the sense of opportunity that I have always felt is part of the New West.


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