Quality of Life for All Arizonans

The Center for the Future of Arizona is helping to define and shape Arizona’s future through an action-oriented agenda focused on issues and topics critical to the state.

More than a think tank, the center is an independent “do tank” that combines innovative, practical research with collaborative partnerships and initiatives that will create opportunities and quality of life for all Arizonans.

What Can Arizona Do To Reduce The Number Of High-School Dropouts?


Some schools in Arizona get started for the 2015-16 year next week and a large percentage of K-12 students will finish their classes and get ready to move to the next grade.

But the percentage who leave high school early without graduating remains alarming to many education researchers and analysts in the state. Arizona’s high school graduation rate is right around 75 percent.

To learn more, we talked with Amanda Burke, senior director of education for the Center for the Future of Arizona.

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Poll outlines top eight citizen goals for a better Arizona


What do Arizonans want? What do they value, and how do they want the Grand Canyon State to look in the coming years?

Lattie Coor, chancellor emeritus of Arizona State University, presented the answers to those questions Wednesday evening during a special presentation at the Yavapai College library. The answers are based on a 2009 Gallup poll that asked Arizonans to describe their thoughts on important statewide topics. The poll revealed eight primary "citizen" goals, according to Coor - which include improved education, job creation, environment and water, infrastructure, healthcare, retaining young talent in the state, civic engagement and community involvement.

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Tonalea Elementary School Success Story


In the past year, Tonalea Elementary School has faced unprecedented challenges. Despite obstacles, Principal Lori Pizzo has persevered, forging ahead with dogged determination. She exemplifies a "strong and steady principal," one of Beat the Odds six keys to success.

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2015 Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Award Winners Announced


Rocky Brown, Dawn Melvin and Robert Pickels have been named winners of the 2015 Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Awards, a statewide competition created to recognize nonelected public servants.

Winners will be honored at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Annual Meeting on Aug. 20.

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