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Reimaging Education with Learners at the Center

Designed for a different era, the outdated, one-size-fits-all system of education is not creating equitable outcomes for kids. Nor is it preparing them for success in our rapidly changing world.

The future of education needs to be learner-centered, redesigned around the individual needs of students to help them reach their full potential – and to thrive in college, career, and life.

The Promise of Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a promising educational approach to meet the needs of every child. From a systems perspective, it has the potential to close achievement and opportunity gaps, increase educational attainment, and prepare a highly skilled workforce ready to innovate for our future.

What is personalized learning? Personalized learning places the success of each child at the center of education. Based in research, it is an approach to education designed to meet individual students where they are, ensure mastery of academic content and social and emotional skills, and foster student ownership in their own learning. Common principles of personalized learning include learner agency, flexible learning environments, individual mastery, and personal learning paths. Equity is central.

The Arizona Personalized Learning Network

The Arizona Personalized Learning Network provides support and training to school districts and charter networks committed to personalizing learning for their students and growing a system-wide approach to sustain learner-centered practices. Redesigning school systems around learner-centered education is a huge paradigm shift. Schools often need support to do this work well.

The districts and charter networks engage in deep and ongoing professional learning and coaching that support them in establishing conditions for learner agency, spreading learner-centered practices at the classroom level, and implementing systems shifts to support and sustain competency-based, personalized learning. CFA complements this work with state-level policy support to enable learner-centered education to thrive.

The Arizona Personalized Learning Network builds on CFA’s decade of work with policymakers, public schools, and communities to expand learner-centered education in order to create more excellent and equitable outcomes for all Arizona students.

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If you are interested in the Arizona Personalized Learning Network, please contact:

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Director, Educational Leadership and Innovation