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Progress Jobs@2X


Arizonans want jobs that utilize their talents, build their future, and help our economy thrive.

What success looks like:


Arizonans have the career advancement, training and education opportunities they need to reach their full potential and are equipped to participate at all stages of life in a growing, vibrant, and rapidly evolving economy.

The Jobs progress meter currently reports on five metrics that are provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Organizations consulted for this meter

  • Arizona Business & Education Coalition
  • Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Arizona State University Seidman Research Institute
  • Elliott D. Pollack & Company
  • Greater Phoenix Economic Council
  • Greater Phoenix Leadership
  • Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp
  • Ramirez Advisors Inter-National
  • Southern Arizona Leadership Council
  • Sunbelt Holdings
  • TGen North
  • University of Arizona Economic and Business Research Center

Job Data Profile

Download these consolidated reports to get a “snapshot in time” of the data we’ve collected on our shared priorities. These reports cover all 15 of Arizona’s counties as well as urban areas and demographic subgroups. Each profile features information and data visualizations that Arizonans can use to better understand and impact their communities.
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