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Progress Jobs@2X


Arizonans want jobs that utilize their talents, build their future, and help our economy thrive.

What success looks like:


Arizonans have the career advancement, training and education opportunities they need to reach their full potential and are equipped to participate at all stages of life in a growing, vibrant, and rapidly evolving economy.

The Jobs progress meter currently reports on five metrics that are provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Organizations consulted for this meter

  • Arizona Business & Education Coalition
  • Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Arizona State University Seidman Research Institute
  • Elliott D. Pollack & Company
  • Greater Phoenix Economic Council
  • Greater Phoenix Leadership
  • Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp
  • Ramirez Advisors Inter-National
  • Southern Arizona Leadership Council
  • Sunbelt Holdings
  • TGen North
  • University of Arizona Economic and Business Research Center