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Arizona Voters' Agenda

Findings of a New Survey Out Now!


With all statewide offices and the entire legislature on the ballot, Arizona’s 2022 midterm election is consequential to Arizona’s future, and it is critical to center the voices of Arizonans and their priorities in the dialogue. Center for the Future of Arizona developed the Arizona Voters’ Agenda from the findings of two public opinion surveys of likely Republican, Democratic, and independent/unaffiliated voters of all ages, conducted in April and August. It serves as a data-driven guide to likely voters’ views on the election, priorities for the state, and what they want to hear from candidates.

The results counter the narrative of division and polarization that dominates political dialogue, and illuminate “big questions” for candidates to address. We encourage debate moderators, members of the press, and local voters to use the Arizona Voters’ Agenda findings and questions for candidates to foster productive dialogue and seek out real answers.

We are bringing awareness to the findings to put the voices of Arizona voters at the forefront, get candidates and the media to reframe election discussions on what Arizonans agree on and care about for our state, and increase voter engagement by building a positive agenda for our state that focuses on solutions desired by Arizonans across age, region, and political affiliation.

Arizona Voters' Agenda

Get the survey findings, methodology and questions for candidates.

The Arizona Voters’ Agenda has expanded: Results on a second survey are out now!

Survey Results

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Together, we can center the priorities of Arizonans in this election. Browse our suite of Arizona Voters' Agenda materials to support your conversations, moderated forums, social media, and more.
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Creating The Arizona We Want

The Arizona Voters’ Agenda builds on our longstanding survey research efforts to identify what matters most to Arizonans and put their voices at the forefront of decision-making across the state.
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