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Arizona Voters' Agenda

The Opinions That Matter Most In Elections And Governance


Ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections for local, state, and presidential offices, a new Arizona Voters’ Agenda will be released this May. Sign up to receive new findings and insights as they are announced.

Every election is consequential for the future of Arizona. And in those elections, it is the voters who decide which individuals will be seated in elected office with an obligation to serve the interests of the state and its people. The Arizona Voters’ Agenda aims to keep the critically important voice of the people at the center of the conversation.

Developed by Center for the Future of Arizona, the Arizona Voters’ Agenda reveals where voters across the state — regardless of demographics or party affiliations — agree on issues, which counters a prevailing narrative rooted in polarization and division. By design, the Arizona Voters’ Agenda serves as a data-driven guide on voter sentiment for issues of the most timely, relevant, and impactful importance.

Elected leaders and candidates running for office earn their seats within a political system that is framed by the will of the people, which underscores the vital importance of elevating the priorities of Arizona’s voters. In a busy, crowded political landscape, the Arizona Voters’ Agenda offers valuable insights that serve as an informed road map for the future.

At Center for the Future of Arizona, we encourage elected officials and candidates seeking office to examine where the state’s voters agree as a vital first step to developing and delivering on campaign priorities and ultimately creating positive change for the state. We also urge the media, community members, and voters to engage leaders and candidates in a meaningful dialogue around these pivotal issues. By elevating the priorities of voters, we hope to underscore what brings us together as Arizonans, increase voter engagement, and encourage the development of solutions-focused policies that benefit every Arizonan.


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