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The Gallup Arizona Project

The best way to understand how Arizonans view their community and our state — and what they want for the future — is to ask them.

This is the power of the Gallup Arizona Project. It uniquely helps us understand the shared priorities of Arizonans and provides the basis for regional and statewide action to drive Arizona forward.

In 2009, CFA partnered with the esteemed Gallup organization to create the first of its kind decennial Arizona Gallup survey to better understand the beliefs and values shared by Arizonans – and what they wanted for the future. From this work, CFA created The Arizona We Want, a shared vision of success for the state coupled with an actionable statewide agenda broadly embraced by communities and leaders. Now, just over a decade later, we've conducted a new Gallup Arizona Survey to refresh our findings and guide our work to create a stronger and brighter future for Arizona. 

CFA’s Gallup Arizona Project:

  1. Identifies what matters most to Arizonans across a broad set of critical issues
  2. Provides data to guide policy making and action
  3. Mobilizes communities and leaders around Arizonans’ shared priorities

CFA will share the findings with the general public in a robust report to be released in April 2021 at a major virtual event with follow-on activities planned across the state. The results will set an enduring, statewide agenda based on what matters most to Arizonans.

Gallup Arizona Special Event - April 21, 2021

Join the Center for the Future of Arizona for a special virtual event to reveal the key findings from our decennial 2020 Gallup Arizona Survey.

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Learn more about the results from the 2009 statewide Gallup Arizona Survey.

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CFA is partnering with Arizona-based companies, businesses, nonprofits, social services groups, and other organizations and individuals with a demonstrated commitment to Arizona who want to be part of making a difference for our state. Your partnership with CFA will help Arizona rise to meet the challenges we face and achieve the prosperity, quality of life and opportunity we all want for Arizona.

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