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The Arizona We Want

Through our unique partnership with the Gallup organization and close listening to communities and leaders across the state, CFA created The Arizona We Want, a shared vision of success around what matters most to Arizonans that expresses their highest aspirations and hopes for the future. Arizonans want a world-class education for all, to live in healthy and vibrant communities, and to have rewarding jobs that use all our talents and help our economy thrive. Arizonans are committed to stewardship of our state’s natural beauty and resources for generations to come, and believe in equity and justice for all.

The Arizona We Want is based on the things that bring us together as Arizonans and on which we can all agree. CFA’s goal is to ensure that the public values we share are realized for all Arizonans.

Arizona's shared priorities



Arizonans want jobs that utilize their talents, build their future, and help our economy thrive.

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Workforce programs


Natural Resources

Arizona’s natural beauty and resources are unique assets that contribute to our quality of life and economy.

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High quality education changes lives and creates opportunity.

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Education programs



Arizona’s economic vibrancy and livability rely on a robust infrastructure.

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Young Talent

Arizona’s long-term success depends on the contributions of all our young people.

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Civic Participation

A strong commitment to civic participation is the heart of our democracy.

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Civic participation programs


Health and Well-being

Arizonans’ health and well-being are essential to our quality of life and the success of our communities.

Health and Wellbeing


Connected Communities

Communities are home, how we connect to others, and are at the center of collective decision-making.

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