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Arizona Progress Meters

Inspired by the simple truth that what gets measured gets done, CFA created the Arizona Progress Meters. These dynamic tools are a source of trusted information designed to help measure and report on how our state is doing on the things that matter most to Arizonans.

The set of eight Arizona Progress Meters include 80+ metrics that help communities and leaders make decisions based on trusted and regularly updated data. The Arizona Progress Meters make it possible to assess how Arizona is doing on a state, county, and local basis and to compare outcomes by geography and key demographics where available, including race and ethnicity, educational attainment, and income.


Utilize Data for Action

These web-based tools provide interactive data and downloadable charts for communities and leaders to identify needs and prompt action on Arizonans’ priorities.

As new data are released for the outcomes indicators of each progress meter, CFA provides updates and analysis on progress to goals. Catch up with the latest updates.

Need assistance, or want to learn more about using the Arizona Progress Meters? Contact our team.



Learn more about job growth, wages, unemployment, underemployment, and labor participation.

Jobs progress meter

Natural Resources

Learn more about water supply and demand, open space conservation, forest treatment, and more.

Natural Resources progress meter


Learn more about quality early learning, academic performance, graduation rates, college enrollment, postsecondary attainment, and more.

Education progress meter


Learn more about public transportation, traffic congestion, broadband access, roadway conditions, and more.

Infrastructure progress meter

Young Talent

Learn more about cost of living, workplace benefits and culture, quality of higher education, and more.

Young Talent progress meter

Civic Participation

Learn more about voter participation, political discourse, democratic engagement, and more.

Civic Participation progress meter

Health and Well-Being

Learn more about prevalence of disease, mental health, cost of healthcare, physical activity, and more health-related inputs and outcomes.

Health progress meter

Connected Communities

Learn more about volunteerism, community participation, and neighborhood involvement.

Communities progress meter