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Creating a Stronger and Brighter Future for Arizona

Our Mission

Center for the Future of Arizona brings Arizonans together to create a stronger and brighter future for our state. We listen to Arizonans to learn what matters most to them, share trusted data about how Arizona is doing in those priority areas, bring critical issues to public attention, and work with communities and leaders to solve public problems.

The Arizona We Want

The Arizona We Want is a shared vision of success around what matters most to Arizonans that expresses their highest aspirations and hopes for the future. Arizonans want a world-class education for all, to live in healthy and vibrant communities, and to have rewarding jobs that use all our talents and help our economy thrive. Arizonans are committed to stewardship of our state’s natural beauty and resources for generations to come, and believe in equity and justice for all. The Arizona We Want is based on the things that bring us together as Arizonans and on which we can all agree. CFA’s goal is to ensure that the public values we share are realized for all Arizonans.


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Our Programs

We are driven by what Arizonans think and want for the future, inspired by bold ideas, and energized by finding ways to take those ideas and put them into practice. Together with our partners, we've created major statewide initiatives to transform education, workforce, and civic engagement all in support of creating a stronger and brighter future for Arizona.

Beat the Odds School Leadership Academy

Beat the Odds provides principals and school system leaders with executive leadership training that helps them create better quality schools and improve outcomes for students.

Beat the Odds School Leadership Academy

RetailWorks AZ

The RetailWorks AZ initiative supports the important role the retail sector plays in Arizona's economy and in the lives of Arizonans by bringing education and training together to help retail workers advance in their careers.

RetailWorks AZ

School Participatory Budgeting

School Participatory Budgeting builds stronger school communities and develops students who are more informed, empowered, and engaged in civic life.

School Participatory Budgeting in Arizona
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We've made huge strides across Arizona. Here are just some of the ways we're making a difference
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We created a shared statewide agenda based on what matters most to Arizonans that can provide the basis for action by leaders and communities
We drove innovation and improvement across the education system, directly impacting students to be college, career and civic ready
We brought trusted data to communities and leaders in Arizona on how the state is doing across all major priority areas that matter most to the people who live here
partners engaged
communities engaged
students impacted