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KTAR The Think Tank: Sybil Francis joins Mike O'Neil to discuss the results of the Arizona Voters' Agenda survey

Posted on October 22, 2022 • Category: Story
By Mike O'Neil, The Think Tank - KTAR 92.3 FM

Sybil Francis, President & CEO of the Center for the Future of Arizona joins Mike O'Neil, host of The Think Tank, to discuss the results of the Arizona Voters' Agenda survey. She was a recent Think Tank guest who presented poll results on what Arizonans want in their politics and on several key policy issues. There was a lot more consensus than our vitriolic politics might suggest.

This second survey presented views on the fairness, accuracy, and security of elections. Given that these have been called into question, the center’s findings are instructive. One tidbit: 64% of the electorate want candidates who will work across party lines and compromise rather than defend a fixed position.

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