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April 2024

The Arizona We Want
A Message from Dr. Sybil Francis, CFA Chair, President & CEO
Dear Friends,
As we look toward the 2024 elections, an event that promises to be as momentous as any in our history, Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) remains steadfast in our commitment to putting the voices of Arizonans at the center of our electoral discourse. The forthcoming release of our 2024 Arizona Voters' Agenda– just under two weeks away – marks an exciting moment in our journey to center the voices of Arizonans in our public discourse and to focus on opportunities to come together and make a difference where we agree rather than on where we disagree.
Through rigorous survey research in partnership with HighGround Public Affairs, Inc., we've listened to the perspectives of Arizona voters—Democrats, Republicans, and voters who are independent and unaffiliated with any party. The findings, set to be shared starting May 6, 2024, offer a renewed focus on the issues that matter most to the majority across the political spectrum.
The 2024 Arizona Voters' Agenda is not just a report—it's a blueprint for action. It represents a powerful tool to ensure that our discussions and decisions are informed by what truly matters to the broad majority of Arizonans who share more common ground than the prevailing narrative of division suggests.
I invite each of you to join us as we unveil these critical insights. Your engagement is crucial. Together, we can challenge leaders, candidates, and the media to rise above rhetoric and focus on that which reflects our shared priorities. Together, we can move forward with the hope and determination that are characteristic of our great state.
Thank you for your continued support and commitment to creating The Arizona We Want.
Warm regards,
Sybil Francis
Sybil Francis, Ph.D.
Chair, President & CEO
Center for the Future of Arizona
2024 Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Awards
Last Chance: Help Recognize Arizona’s Non-Elected Public Servants    
Do you know of a non-elected public servant whose work deserves to be acknowledged? Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize the contributions of unsung heroes in your community! The Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Awards honors Arizonans employed by cities and towns, counties, special districts, agencies of the executive and legislative branches of state government, tribal governments, personal staff employed by members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation who are devoted to improving our state.
Data Snapshot
Arizona will need 190,000 more direct care workers by 2030.
In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of Arizona's urgent need to attract and retain healthcare professionals to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding and aging population. A recent survey conducted by the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute underscores this need, revealing that Arizona is projected to require an additional 190,000 direct care workers by 2030.
Responding to this critical issue, more than 150 leaders in healthcare and education sectors from across the state convened earlier this month at the 2024 Arizona Healthcare Workforce Summit. This two-day summit, held by CFA in collaboration with the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, Banner Plans & Network, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, and Pipeline AZ, served as a key forum to unite leaders and initiatives across sectors. Together, we strategically addressed the deficits in career and education pipelines and talent pools, leveraging the availability of funding to enact impactful solutions.
In the News
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CFA is the featured partner in the recently released summer issue of Frontdoors Magazine. The publication showcases CFA’s Chair, President & CEO, Dr. Sybil Francis, and highlights several CFA partners– illustrating efforts that are shaping a brighter future for Arizona. Through this partnership with Frontdoors, known for sparking vital community conversations, CFA invites all Arizonans to join in advancing the state's prosperity.
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