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Arizona Civic Life Partnership

Why it matters

The Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) and the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership at the Flinn Foundation drive work across the state to strengthen civic education, build civic leaders, and increase our capacity to solve problems and create a bright future for our state. With these shared values and commitment, the two organizations are partnering to bring organizations together statewide to strengthen civic life in Arizona.

How it works

This partnership is driven by use of the Civic Health Progress Meters, part of the Arizona Progress Meters developed by CFA to measure progress, frame conversations, and prompt action on the issues that matter most to Arizonans. These dynamic tools track how we are doing on realizing The Arizona We Want, a shared vision of success that expresses Arizonans’ hopes and aspirations for the future of the state.

Time and again, Arizonans have identified Civic Participation and Connected Communities as two pillars of a brighter, stronger future for our state. The Civic Health Progress Meters define, track, and measure progress on these priorities, drawing on data from the Congressionally-chartered National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) to provide a close look at the civic life of Arizonans by age, education, income, ethnicity, gender, and urbanicity. The data showcase the importance of civic health to our communities and spotlight important opportunities for increased civic participation.

Drawing upon this treasure trove of data, CFA and the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership will:

  • Bring together partners in data-driven dialogue about civic life today in Arizona,
  • Generate public discussion about the critical importance of civic participation and connected communities to our broader prosperity and quality of life,
  • Identify opportunities for action that will ensure more Arizonans are engaged in creating solutions for their communities and a stronger future for our state.

Only with vibrant civic life will we move forward on solving problems and building a bright future for our state. CFA and the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership look forward to engaging others in this critical effort.




The Arizona Civic Health Steering Committee includes representatives from more than a dozen Arizona organizations whose work is vital to improving Arizona’s progress in two key areas of civic health: Civic Participation and Connected Communities. The Steering Committee is convened by the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership and the Center for the Future of Arizona.


Teniqua Broughton Teniqua Broughton
The State of Black Arizona
2013 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Paul Carrese, Ph.D.Paul Carrese, Ph.D.
Director, School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership
Arizona State University
Kim Covington Kim Covington
Senior Director of Community Initiatives
Arizona Community Foundation
Adam Lopez Falk Adam Lopez Falk
Community Program Officer
Arizona Community Foundation
Tara Jackson Tara Jackson
Arizona Town Hall
Erin Kruse Erin Kruse
Director, Civic Service Institute
Center for Service and Volunteerism
Travis Lane Travis Lane
Assistant Director
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona
David Martinez David Martinez
Director of Capacity Building and Community Engagement
Vitalyst Health Foundation
2011 Flinn-Brown Fellow
Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo
Community Engagement Director
Maricopa Community Colleges
2014 Flinn-Brown Fellow
David Schmidtz, Ph.D. David Schmidtz, Ph.D.
Director, University Center for the Philosophy of Freedom
University of Arizona
Daniel Schugurensky, Ph.D. Daniel Schugurensky, Ph.D.
School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University
Tammy Waller Tammy Waller
Director of K-12 Social Studies and World Languages
Arizona Department of Education

Learn More

Learn more about the Civic Health Progress Meters


Learn more about how to get involved, please contact:
Kristi Tate
Director, Civic Health Initiatives


Morning Scoop: What Do Arizona Voters Want?

June 04, 2024
8:00am – 9:00am
Online Zoom Event

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