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2022 Award Recipients

2022 Community Builder Award (Large City/Town)

John Osgood

John Osgood

Public Works Director for Navajo County

John Osgood has selflessly provided high-quality public service and tended to community needs for more than 35 years. This includes 28 years with the City of Tempe, where he was actively engaged in redefining and building a healthy culture in which employees enjoyed working and were proud of the services they provided to the community. He brought these talents to Navajo County more than four years ago and, since then, has been successfully serving in his role while continuing to build and maintain a healthy work culture among his team.

Through focused efforts in coaching and mentoring, John has built a high-quality team that successfully provides the highest-level service to the community. He has been an active member of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and recognizes him through the celebration of National Public Works Week. He also hosts events to acknowledge and celebrate his team’s accomplishments and build team unity.

John has always supported his elected leaders in finding solutions that achieve the highest public purpose. He has been successful in this endeavor by building diverse, respectful, and talented teams.

2022 Community Builder Award (Small City/Town)

Sandy Lopez

Sandy Lopez

Senior Services Manager for the City of Avondale

Sandy Lopez has been engaged in public service work for nearly 30 years and has served in various management roles within the Neighborhood and Family Services Department throughout her 15 years with the City of Avondale. During a period of two management position vacancies, Sandy served as interim for the Revitalization Manager and Housing and Community Development Manager while also carrying her workload.

Through times of challenge and success, Sandy remained a constant example of a leader, handling matters with diplomacy and poise. Sandy exceeded expectations this year by pivoting to maintain positive levels of community engagement even with the challenges posed by COVID-19. Sandy has also provided input and leadership for several critical projects while modeling professionalism, integrity, and teamwork for others within the department.

2022 Emerging Leader Award

Patrick Robles

Patrick Robles

Community Outreach Coordinator for Pima County Attorney’s Office

Patrick Robles is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Pima County Attorney’s Office. He engages with key community stakeholders to help guide policy-making, advises the Pima County Attorney on policy issues, organizes community-service events, and manages RICO fund applications and related duties.

Patrick has demonstrated outstanding commitment through public service to the Tucson community since high school when he organized a drive to improve his school crosswalk's infrastructure. He became active in the Tucson/Pima County Metropolitan Education Commission’s Youth Advisory Council/Tucson Teen Congress (YAC) in 2017. He led student discussion groups at the State Capitol with legislators for the YAC’s annual Civic Engagement Day.

Patrick has consistently demonstrated a passion for his community and his peers through his continual commitment to community service and civic engagement. He is very knowledgeable about community and political issues, is known as friendly and outgoing, and has become an outstanding public speaker. He is well-respected by his peers and the many political and educational leaders with whom he has worked and known.

2022 Civic Leader Award

Jenna Lyon

Jenna Lyon

Deputy Sergeant at Arms / Constituent Services Liaison at the Arizona State Senate

Jenna Lyon is one of the unsung heroes in the public servant sphere, having served with the Arizona State Senate for 17 years. She wears many hats for the legislature; she reshaped an internship program and created a culture of growth for this group. She is a non-partisan staffer who helps lead a large department. She is known for her willingness to help anyone get their foot in the door. She also has helped hundreds of constituents through her work on constituent services issues.

Jenna has hired over 150 college students for the Senate Page Program. It is a program that allows students to see the legislative process up close. She was instrumental in the start of many leaders’ careers, including state agency liaisons, public servants throughout the state, and one current state agency director. She wears many hats for the legislature and has been a mentor for hundreds of college students. She professionalized the page program with her goal of inspiring students to stay in the state and serve. She is a leader in the legislature and is known as someone to go to for advice. Jenna encapsulates what public service is, and she has multiplied her impact through her leadership.