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Possible Futures Career Exploration Curriculum

Prepare Learners for the FUTURE

Access and exposure to productive, family-supporting work play a critical role in our lives. However, as the labor market changes, fewer educators and families have what they need to keep pace and help young learners envision and plan for their future careers. Too many young people do not have access to the guidance and experiences that will open many possibilities for their futures.

The Possible Futures Career Exploration Curriculum helps learners in grades 6 through 10 develop essential employability skills, explore STEM occupations, and better understand themselves and the world of work. Possible Futures lessons support elements of building Education & Career Action Plans (ECAP) and align to the Arizona 5-8 Career Literacy Standards.

Work with Us

CFA’s Pathways team offers services to support the launch and scaling of Possible Futures in a variety of settings and contexts, including:

  • Developing the strategy for implementation and connecting Possible Futures to college and career exploration standards and policies
  • Training and professional development
  • Site-based coaching for your team
  • Connecting the curriculum to your local labor market and state or district standards and policies

Our support services have the greatest impact for K-12 leaders at the district, regional, or state level that develop and follow standards and policies to build career exploration capacity into systems.

What You Get

We have updated the curriculum for school year 2021-2022. This new, digital version of the curriculum is learner-centered, research-based, and developmentally appropriate. Every lesson is interactive and allows for in-person, remote, or hybrid learning with synchronous and asynchronous engagement. The curriculum can be used in classroom, out-of-school, and in extended learning time settings.

The Possible Futures Career Exploration Curriculum offers six units that help learners: explore STEM occupations (in Healthcare, Information Technology, Engineering & Design and Cybersecurity), develop essential employability skills, and better understand themselves and the world of work.

Each unit includes:
  • 12 lessons, each providing 45 minutes of learning time
    • Each lesson is provided as a SCORM file for easy use in your Learning Management System
  • Learner Reflection Guides in a fillable PDF format
    • Reflection Guides are also embedded within the SCORM file for each lesson
  • Facilitator guide for each lesson with:
    • Lesson overview for educator
    • Lesson materials
    • How-to guide for both educators and learners on using Flipgrid for asynchronous interactive engagement
    • Extension and in-person activities
    • Recommendations for shortened learning experiences (for example, a three-lesson series on employability skills)
  • How-to guide for using SCORM files

How to Learn More

Here's how to get started in 3 Steps:


Submit your information

  • Complete our consultation request form and our team will reach out to set up a 45-minute consultation meeting.

    Request Consultation


Attend a consultation meeting to

  • Determine outcomes for student learning and district goals.
  • Develop a pilot framework for your Career Literacy program.
  • Determine teacher and administrator Professional Development needs.

Teacher and Administrator Professional Development

  • Depending on the needs of a district, topics will include accessing/navigating materials, demo lessons, connections to My Future Az and other career exploration resources (Edge Factor, ABEC, GEAR UP).

Preview Lessons

Preview Lessons

Lenses on the Future

Learners chart a path to future success through the lenses of Self, Security, and Society. They identify their personal interests and strengths, research various colleges and careers, consider the life they want to lead, and explore potential ways they can contribute to society.

Preview Lesson 1

Employability Skills for Success

Learners develop the essential employability skills of growth mindset, collaboration, communication, and self-regulation.

Preview Lesson 1

STEMploration: Engineering and Design

Learners assume the role of engineers as they learn to prototype, iterate, and innovate. They are introduced to the design process, develop problem-solving and research skills, and learn to foster a growth mindset.

Preview Lesson 1

STEMploration: Information Technology

Learners develop the fundamentals of computer programming and practice critical thinking skills as they take on the role of coders to design, develop, and market an app solution to a community need.

Preview Lesson 1

STEMploration: Health Sciences

Learners explore careers in the health sciences by taking on the role of health care professionals as they follow the treatment journey of a young person injured in a skateboarding accident.

Preview Lesson 1

STEMploration: Cybersecurity

Learners explore the roles of cybersecurity professionals as they learn about digital citizenship, digital threats, ciphers, digital security, and networking and communication protocols.

This module was developed by the Cybersecurity Education Consortium at Arizona State University with support from JFF.

Preview Lesson 1

We invite you to continue the discussion and work with us.