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Home Arizona Progress Meters Health and Well-Being Access to Primary Care Providers

This data measures the percentage of Arizonans who report they do not have a primary care practitioner.

The term “primary care practitioner” encompasses a variety of professions, including family physicians, pediatricians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. On average, people who have access to and regularly consult a primary care practitioner report better health outcomes. 

A variety of factors may limit a person’s access to these professionals, including the inability to get time off to attend appointments, lack of health insurance coverage, alternative treatment methods related to culture or religion, and a shortage of professionals in the community.

Increasing access to primary care practitioners can improve health outcomes by supporting the early detection of disease, managing long-term or chronic conditions, and providing preventive care.

Access to Primary Care Practitioners data is updated annually and are available for the following localities:

  • Nation
  • States
  • Counties