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Arizona Labor Force Participation

The Labor Force Participation rate is the proportion of the working-age population that is either working or actively looking for work (officially labeled unemployed). Arizona’s economy has the potential to grow more rapidly with a higher labor force participation rate. While the US and Arizona labor force participation rates had declined during the Great Recession, the trend now appears to have reversed and become more positive.

NOTE ABOUT THE DATA: For the medium and smaller Arizona counties and MSAs, results are known to require regular revisions. The most reliable data are provided through the annual numbers. When revisions are made, the metrics are adjusted within the CFA website and the Local Progress Meter Data Profile Report.

Labor Force Participation is updated monthly, quarterly and annually for the following localities:

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Progress Meters:

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Download these consolidated reports to get a “snapshot in time” of the data we’ve collected on our shared priorities. These reports cover all 15 of Arizona’s counties as well as urban areas and demographic subgroups. Each profile features information and data visualizations that Arizonans can use to better understand and impact their communities.
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