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Arizona Unemployment Rate

Unemployment is measured by the total number of unemployed as a percent of the civilian labor force. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics refers to this percentage as “U-3.” The unemployment rate is published monthly, and it is widely reported as an important indicator of the health of the labor force. People who choose not to work because they are retired or are at-home parents, for example, are not counted toward the unemployment numbers. Unemployment will be reported in comparison with recent periods.

NOTE ABOUT THE DATA: For the medium and smaller Arizona counties and MSAs, results are known to require regular revisions. The most reliable data are provided through the annual numbers. When revisions are made, the metrics are adjusted within the CFA website and the Local Progress Meter Data Profile Report.

Unemployment is updated monthly, quarterly and annually for the following localities:

  • State
  • Counties
  • Certain Municipal Statistical Areas (MSAs)