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In all parts of the state we heard from young Arizonans the need to reimagine our concept of health and our healthcare system. We heard of concerns with access and cost, navigating the system, and quality of care. We heard loud and clear the need to bring visibility to the mental health crisis impacting young people, in particular, and to think more holistically about health and well-being.

What Young Arizonans Said

"Mental health services should not be a luxury only some can afford."

"Mental health is often ignored by insurance despite the fact that mental health providers are one of the most needed services in today's world."

"Something I have noticed in the university is that many students do not have access to mental health services at a point in their lives where it is so crucial."

"Mental health shouldn't be thought of as separate from overall healthcare or even specialty healthcare."

"The mental health issues children develop in childhood and unhealthy coping mechanisms often continue with them into adulthood."

"One of my co-workers has to travel to Phoenix from northern Arizona just to access mental healthcare."

How to Interpret the Data

This metric is measured by the ranking of Arizona in the availability of mental health services to the community. Arizona’s ranking indicates how we are doing to provide access and overcome barriers to receiving mental health services as compared to other states. Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation indicates the ranking in the percent of mental health needs met as measured by the population of the state that is within a “Mental Health Care Professional Shortage Area.” Mental Health America provides a ranking between states on access to care which includes an aggregate of nine measures including need, care availability, insurance and other factors.

For more information on the Kaiser Family Foundation metric please visit:,%22sort%22:%22desc%22%7D

For more information on the Mental Health America ranking please visit:

Availability of Mental Health Services is updated annually and available for the following localities:

  • Nation
  • States

Sources: Kaiser Family Foundation and Mental Health America.

Youth Access

Adult Access