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Young Arizonans view the quality of higher education in Arizona as a key attraction and cornerstone to developing and retaining young talent. As with the quality of K-12 Education, young Arizonans reflected on higher education as an essential pathway to individual opportunity and key to thriving economies and communities.

What Young Arizonans Said

"Stellar institutes of higher education are likely to attract excellent students from across the globe and, hopefully, industries that would employ those students."

"State government needs to increase funding to state universities to fulfill its constitutionally mandated duty to make higher education as free as possible, and it needs to restore funding to community colleges in all Arizona counties."

"Arizona made the biggest cuts to education of any U.S. state while I was here, and it convinced me to leave after graduation."

"Honestly, the quality of my state university education wasn’t great; however, it was a good financial deal."

"All education in Arizona is dramatically underfunded. As such, I do not plan to raise a family in this state."

"We want to offer more students the opportunity to go to college, but the quality of their K-12 education determines the quality of the higher education."

How to Interpret the Data

This metric is defined as the relative ranking of Arizona universities with other schools in the United States and the rest of the world. For THE World University Rankings, this assessment is based on a set of performance indicators including teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income. A higher position can indicate that the university is more effective at instruction, a better reputation for research, more highly sought out by international students and faculty, and/or more supportive of post-educational success. With Center for World University Rankings, the indicators include quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, and research performance. Higher scores can indicate that the school has more alumni and staff with awards, more graduates with positions of leadership in business, and more influence and productivity in research.

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