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We know that equitable access to opportunity and upward mobility is of key concern for young people across the state. Current data has illuminated the deep disparities and disproportionate impacts of the pandemic and economic crisis on young people and particularly communities of color.

Our young people are telling us they are concerned. The Quality of K-12 Education was the #1 issue of concern in a survey of 2,000 young Arizonans. We heard about the education system, the lack of guidance counselors, and the need for support and social services to create a path forward.

What Young Arizonans Said

"Nothing in Arizona matters more than a quality education system."

"If I had a child, I would not rely on Arizona’s public education system."

"Education is the foundation of every generation’s future."

"As a business owner, I am most concerned about the ability of our educational institutions to prepare a talented staff."

"With few exceptions, Arizona public schools are not strong enough to produce competitive candidates for higher education."

"In general, public K-12 education is sorely underfunded and does not meet the needs of Arizona’s racially/economically diverse students."


Quality of K-12 Education is measured by the
Arizona Education Progress Meter

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