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Young Arizonans want to know that our leaders across sectors are in tune with the values and concerns of those they represent and are thinking long-term about the future.

They are concerned about diverse voices being heard at every level of discussion and ensuring that elected leaders represent the state’s interests

What Young Arizonans Said

"Arizona's leaders need to adapt to the state’s changing demographic trends."

"I am less concerned with hearing diverse Arizona voices and more concerned with hearing voices that represent American values and culture."

"I do feel our leaders represent me well in Arizona today."

"Leadership starts with citizens being involved in their government by voicing needs and concerns to elected officials."

How to Interpret the Data

Representation of diverse voices in all levels of public discussion is measured by the relative demographics of elected representatives in state and local governments in Arizona as compared with the population as a whole. The age, race, ethnicity, and gender of our state and local leaders will be compared with the overall state population in this measure.

Representation of Diverse Voices is updated annually and is available for the following localities:

  • Arizona

Sources: National Conference of State Legislators, U.S. Census Bureau and annual review of city websites.