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Work Benefits

Young Arizonans expressed concern about workplaces with benefits that allowed them the access to healthcare, sick leave and flexibility for work life balance that they need. They ranked this as a top priority of concern in making Arizona place where all young people can thrive for the long-term.

What Young Arizonans Said

"I believe there should be a good work-life balance. I don't want to look back in ten years and say I devoted myself to my job and work and that's all I did."

"Having a life outside of work is paramount to good mental health."

"I am a young working mother that needs work to be flexible and allow for sick leave/maternity leave."

"I would consider a lower compensation for better benefits because I prioritize work-life balance."

"If an employer's benefits are expensive or not ideal and it's hard to get time off for sickness or vacations, then salary competitiveness is more important."

"The idea of a flexible workplace is something that most millennials mention when describing their ideal job. If I were offered a position with more PTO and flexible remote work, I would take as much as a 10K cut in salary."

"Being able to have a flexible work schedule so I can be with my family when they need me is priceless."

"As working mom…if I have the ability to dedicate my time to my family and be there for what is important, then I becomes a priority to dedicate 100% of my myself when I am at work."

How to Interpret the Data

Work Benefits is measured by the number of states in the United States that have mandatory sick leave. Arizona reached this milestone in 2016 when Arizona voters passed a law that requires employers to provide paid sick leave to private and local government workers.

For more information on sick leave benefits visit the National Conference of State Legislatures at

Work Benefits is updated annually and available for the following localities:

  • United States

Sources: National Conference of State Legislatures.

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