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For young Arizonans in the workforce, we are hearing more and more their desire to grow and thrive in purpose-filled careers. National trends have shown that Millennials and Gen Z have a strong desire for purpose-filled careers. They care about sustainability, fairness, inclusion and diversity.

Here in Arizona, we heard these same values in our conversations and real concerns about opportunities for advancement and ongoing leadership. Working places where they see a path to growth is important to young Arizonans across the state.

What Young Arizonans Said

"Salary can be negotiated and accommodated, but work culture cannot."

"Culture and meaningful work make all the difference; the other items are nice, but they’re ruined if you're not doing something your hearts is behind with people who are worth spending eight hours a day with."

"Workplace culture is one of the foundations to upward mobility and competitive wages."

"I first came to Arizona for college. I stayed for a job. But I am now leaving because my work culture is oppressive and unfulfilling."

"When I feel good about the work I am doing and the people I am working with, I perform my best."

"I love the opportunity for advancement and doing meaningful work."

"Simply, if the culture sucks, I'm not going to be able to bring myself to work there."

"Professional growth is my most important criteria for a job because hardly anyone lands their dream job just after graduation."

How to Interpret the Data

This metric is measured by the number of Arizona-based companies that are ranked in the top 50 nationwide for best places to work and best company culture. Data is provided from and and includes rankings determined by survey responses from employees and reviews posted to websites.

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