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The Arizona We Want: The Decade Ahead

The voices of Arizonans are more important than ever in shaping the future of our state. Watch the event where the Center for the Future of Arizona reveals data and insights from our groundbreaking Gallup Arizona Survey.

Learn where we agree on important issues like jobs, education, health, civic participation and governance, and community life. Delve into the views of Arizonans on topics, including immigration, equity and social justice, and environmental sustainability. Hear from leaders across the state about opportunities for change and growth that will make our communities stronger and our state better.


Watch the Full 2020 Gallup Arizona Report Launch Event


Watch Karen Francis Begay on Our History and Common Goals

Watch Dr. Michael Crow on Our Shared Public Values

Watch David Verdugo on Education

Watch Reyna Montoya on Immigration

Watch Teniqua Broughton on Opportunity for All

Watch Jeff Guldner on Sustainable Future

Watch Amber Smith on Jobs

Watch Amanda Aguirre on Health and Well-Being

Watch the Panel of Young Leaders