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July 2022

Our July update
Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter! Learn about our 2022 Gabe Zimmerman Award Honorees, check out recent news coverage, and share our latest career opportunity. 

Primary Election Day is Tuesday!  

Early voting is well underway, and primary election day is next Tuesday, Aug. 2 (well done to those whose ballots are already signed, sealed, and delivered!). 

CFA encourages Arizonans to vote and promote voting – our collective participation is one key to achieving The Arizona We Want. In the words of CFA President & CEO Dr. Sybil Francis, “Don’t kid yourself that you can skip the primary because you think it is not where the action is in determining Arizona’s future. It is.”

Read more in her latest op-ed: Thinking about sitting out the primary election? Ask these 6 questions first 

Additional Voting Resources: 

We’re Hiring: Director of Development 

Application Deadline: Aug. 8, 2022 at 3 pm MST

We are hiring a Director of Development to lead and manage CFA’s fundraising and development activities, including solicitation of major gifts, federal and state grants, special events, and corporate and foundation support. The successful candidate will help forge new relationships to build CFA’s visibility, impact, and financial resources.

Learn more & apply.


Released Today: Avoiding Election Pitfalls By Focusing on What the Majority of Arizona Voters Care About

What didn’t make the Arizona Voters’ Agenda provides insight into what to focus on instead
As primary campaigns hit the final stretch, several of the front and center topics being pushed run the risk of “turning off” significant portions of the electorate. To deter non-priorities that are receiving outsized attention and shift focus to what most voters want to be discussed in this election, Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) announced today several topics that didn’t make the Arizona Voters’ Agenda – a data-driven look at what a majority of likely Arizona voters care about and want candidates to address in the midterm election.

Read the full release. 

More Recent News & Opinion: Arizona Voters’ Agenda

'We do have things in common': New poll shows what Arizona voters agree on

Arizona voters overwhelmingly agree on increasing teacher pay, creating a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients, securing the state's water future and more, according to a new poll.

Read more from The Arizona Republic. 

74% of Arizona voters surveyed support early voting options

"Arizona voters want their elections to be secure and accessible. And what this means is they continue to support early in-person voting, and large majorities and they don't want to ban mail-in voting," said Dr. Sybil Francis.

Listen to full discussion with KJZZ’s Steve Goldstein.  

Survey: Voters care about school funding, not politics

“The 2022 statewide election is consequential to Arizona’s future,” said Amanda Burke, executive vice president of CFA. “The purpose of this research is to not only create awareness but also build a positive agenda that focuses on solutions and counter the narrative of division and polarization.”

Read more from Tucson Weekly. 

Opinion: 6 things for Arizona voters to keep in mind

From what you’re seeing in political ads on your TV screen and in your mailbox, you would think that Arizonans care about just one or two hot-button issues and are hopelessly divided and polarized. But are the candidates missing the mark? Do they represent your views? What will it take for them to get your vote?
Read more from Dr. Sybil Francis. 

Increasing Access to Education and Workforce Development Thanks to Bank of America

CFA is excited to share that our Arizona Pathways to Prosperity (APTP) initiative received a grant from Bank of America and is one of 41 Valley nonprofits who received investments. 

Read the full announcement.

Digital Skills for the Future of Work: Lifelong Learner

In a recent podcast episode with Edtech, Orlando Cazarez, Senior Program Manager of Workforce Development at CFA, talked about the importance of lifelong learning and how job seekers can be thinking about upskilling in order to adapt to the ever-changing work environment. 

Listen online.  


Meet the 2022 Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Awards Honorees

Pictured left to right: Jenna Lyon, Sandy Lopez, John Osgood, Patrick Robles

Last week, CFA announced the four outstanding recipients of the 2022 Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Awards! These leaders exemplify non-elected public servants' impact in connecting communities and engaging Arizonans, just as Gabe Zimmerman did.

This year’s honorees are Public Works Director for Navajo County, John Osgood, Senior Services Manager for the City of Avondale, Sandy Lopez, Community Outreach Coordinator for Pima County Attorney’s Office, Patrick Robles, and Deputy Sergeant at Arms / Constituent Services Liaison at the Arizona State Senate, Jenna Lyon

Learn more about the 2022 honorees.

Innovating Arizona’s Education Model to Meet the Needs of Individual Students  

Despite advances in technology and educational research in recent years, most states still rely on a one-size-fits-all public education model. But thanks to the passing of House Bill 2862 in spring 2021, which allows schools to move beyond the confines of “seat time” and adopt new models for teaching and learning, Arizona is now a leader in the space of innovative personalized learning approaches.

Read more on how CFA and schools across the state have advanced innovative teaching and learning models in the past year.


CFA is a Proud Supporter of the Annual League of Arizona Cities and Towns Conference

Aug. 30 - Sept. 2 | The Renaissance in Glendale, AZ

Hosted by our friends at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, the Annual Conference brings together Arizona mayors, council members, appointed officials, and guests to share experiences and discuss current local, regional, and national trends impacting our communities. Each year, CFA team members look forward to learning and sharing alongside fellow leaders. If you haven’t registered yet, note the deadline is Aug. 19. Learn more. 

We’re excited to announce that CFA will once again provide a pre-conference session designed for conference participants and community leaders working to advance The Arizona We Want across the state – Learn more and register now to reserve your spot. We hope to see you there.

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