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November 2023

  Continued Journey of Inspiration: Relive the Highlights of CFA's 20th Anniversary Celebration
As we reflect on the remarkable milestone of our 20th Anniversary, it's clear that our celebration last month was more than an event – it was a catalyst for renewed energy and enthusiasm. CFA has always been driven by a vision of a brighter future, and this anniversary has significantly bolstered our momentum.
We are immensely thankful for the unwavering support of our partners, who are integral in turning shared dreams into reality. Together, we're reigniting our commitment to transformative action. We invite everyone to join us in carrying this excitement forward, making every step count towards building the future Arizonans want.
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CFA's 20th Anniversary Celebration Recap Video

  Shaping Arizona’s Tomorrow: Read Our 20th Anniversary Report
Shape Arizona's Tomorrow  
If you haven't read CFA's 20th Anniversary Report: Shaping Arizona's Tomorrow, we invite you to discover our story, impact, and the work that lies ahead.
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Stories of Impact
  Exciting News: CFA to Receive $1 Million Grant from Helios Education Foundation
$1 million grant from Helios Education Foundation
Pictured: Dr. Sybil Francis, Chair, President & CEO, Center for the Future of Arizona, alongside Paul Luna, President & CEO, Helios Education Foundation, announcing the $1 million grant from Helios Education Foundation.
We're thrilled to formally announce a transformative $1 million grant from Helios Education Foundation as part of CFA’s new three-year "Building Arizona’s Bright Future Together" campaign. This grant isn't just funding; it's a catalyst for change. It will support efforts to elevate the role of education in public conversation and decision-making. Expect to see more of our impactful survey research and insights driving informed policies and practices for all Arizona's students. From public awareness campaigns to innovative educational initiatives, we're focused on enhancing academic outcomes for all.
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  Sustainable Futures: Arizona's Blueprint for Resilient Communities
Attendees from the League of Arizona Cities and Towns
Pictured: Attendees of CFA's Pre-Conference Session at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns' Annual Conference engage in round table discussions focused on building a sustainable future for Arizona.
Discover how CFA recently guided communities to harness consensus and available funding for impactful environmental and infrastructure resilience projects. Join the conversation and empower your community with the strategies shared at the League of Arizona Cities and Towns' pivotal Pre-Conference Session earlier this year. Take the next step by accessing invaluable resources to transform challenges into sustainable solutions for our state.
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  The Arizona Civic Life Partnership Updates Data to Assess the State's Civic Health
The Arizona Civic Life Partnership (AZCLP), a collaboration between CFA and the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership at The Flinn Foundation, recently updated the Arizona Civic Health Progress Meters, including the Civic Participation and Connected Communities Progress Meters. These up-to-date data dashboards measure how Arizonans are engaged with civic processes, politics, and public office. As well as how Arizonans are connected to their communities, compiling data on volunteering, charitable giving, and more.
AZCLP creates space and opportunity for individuals and organizations across the state to engage in data-driven discussions and take action to achieve The Arizona We Want.
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Arizona Progress Meters Update: Civic Health
  Recent Data Show Declines in Belonging and Community Engagement for Arizonans; Participation in Elections Relatively High, While Political Disengagement is Apparent
New data show a growing opportunity to rekindle community engagement and connection in Arizona. Our state has witnessed an increase in election turnout, showcasing a vibrant democratic spirit. However, there's a crucial need to rebuild trust in institutions, as confidence is currently at a nationwide low. A key area for growth lies in empowering every Arizonan to tap into their civic leadership, including understanding the power of their votes, as currently, some feel it may not make a difference. This moment presents a hopeful chance for Arizona to strengthen its community bonds and ensure that every voice feels heard and valued. After all, this is what the people of Arizona want for the future!
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In the News
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Invest in Arizona's Future
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