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October 2022

The Arizona We Want Newsletter
Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter! This month’s issue features Arizona’s 2022 midterm election information and resources, CFA hiring a new role, and more!

A Path to The Future
Arizona’s 2022 midterm elections will set the course for the future of the state. To center the narrative of the election on what matters most to the majority of Arizona voters and where we have common ground to move forward on key issues, we worked with HighGround Public Affairs to survey Republican, Democratic and independent/unaffiliated likely voters of all ages. The results of two public opinion surveys show likely voters’ views on the election, priorities for the state, what they want to hear from candidates, and ultimately developed the Arizona Voters’ Agenda, a data-driven guide to the policy items and value statements the majority of voters across political affiliations and age groups agree with most.

At the end of last month, CFA released additional findings on the Arizona Voters’ Agenda, which shows the majority of likely voters believe in the integrity of Arizona elections, prefer candidates who work across the aisle, and it provides a clearer picture of voter priorities.
Voting Informed Requires Some Research
With Election Day approaching fast and early voting in full swing, now is the time to get informed and make crucial decisions for the future of our state. Filling out the ballot can be overwhelming for anyone and this year, with ten initiatives on the ballot, our work is cut out for us. The good news is that there are many helpful resources available:
Spread the word, and encourage families and friends to participate because every voice is important to our collective future – happy voting!

Join our team!
We are looking for talented individuals who want to help create a stronger and brighter future for our state. Apply or help us by sharing the following position with anyone in your networks who may be interested:
Special Assistant to the President & CEO
Application Deadline: Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022; 3 PM MST
The Special Assistant will be responsible for supporting CFA’s President & CEO through a combination of project management, writing and editing, research and drafting presentations, and relationship support functions. The successful candidate will be highly organized and detail-oriented, tech savvy, an excellent communicator, resourceful, and a self-starter. This opportunity is great for candidates interested in developing knowledge, experience, and relationships across the Arizona nonprofit and policymaking landscape.
Sr. Program Coordinator, Operations
Application Deadline: Monday, Nov. 7, 2022; 3 PM MST
The Sr. Program Coordinator, Operations will provide professional-level support for CFA’s portfolio of initiatives spanning education, workforce, and civic health. The role is responsible for coordinating day-to-day operations for CFA programs, including event planning, travel and stipend processing, tracking partner engagement, and facilitating staff trainings on a range of CFA technology applications and organizational policies.

Stories of Impact
CFA’s Arizona Pathways to Prosperity Featured in Latest Report by Jobs for the Future
Our national partner, Jobs for the Future (JFF), recently released a new report, Modernizing Career Navigation in the U.S., which outlines a set of policy recommendations to support the career navigation needs of today’s students and job seekers. Arizona Pathways to Prosperity (APTP) is featured in the report for its role in developing shared advising models and common tech platforms across K-12 and postsecondary programs in Arizona. Alongside many partners, CFA’s Arizona Pathways to Prosperity (APTP) initiative is helping students make smoother transitions to college and accelerate their entry into high-quality career fields.

Read the full case study.
Learn more about
Arizona Pathways to Prosperity.
Bringing Industry and Education Together to Support Arizona Students
Collaborating with Tucson Metro Chamber and Sunnyside Unified School District
In partnership with the Tucson Metro Chamber, LeadLocal, Arizona Business and Education Coalition (ABEC), The Pima County School Superintendent’s Office, CommunityShare, and The Sunnyside Foundation, CFA's Arizona Pathways to Prosperity (APTP) initiative has made substantial progress in implementing the Greater Tucson Career Literacy Initiative strategy with the rollout of a comprehensive career exploration and action plan program at Sunnyside Unified School District (SUSD).  Launching this fall at all of SUSD’s middle schools, the cooperative program provides educators with a thorough career exploration curriculum, guided student activities, and guidelines and resources for engaging with the business sector. Importantly, it will be a standardized template for school districts across the state to implement student career exploration – which is one critical element in creating seamless college and career pathways.

Why career exploration? A carefully thought-out and well-supported career exploration curriculum enables students to become aware of and exposed to a variety of careers, develop employability skills, increase self-awareness and form their occupational identity, become positioned to make more informed educational decisions, and transition to high school and postsecondary with a workable plan to achieve their education and career goals.

Read the full announcement and learn more about Arizona Pathways to Prosperity.

In the Community
Dr. Sybil Francis Honored by Arizona Capitol Times as a 2022 Leader of the Year in Public Policy

CFA’s President & CEO Dr. Sybil Francis was honored by the Arizona Capitol Times as a Leader of the Year in Public Policy at an awards luncheon on Sept. 27. Under her leadership, CFA has an ambitious and positive agenda, focused on where Arizonans agree and where we have the opportunity to come together for positive change to build The Arizona We Want.

The awards recognized many more remarkable leaders, including friends and partners of CFA. We applaud all the 2022 Leaders of the Year for their many contributions to the growth and well-being of our state!

Forum: Why Civility in Politics is Critical for the Future of Our Democracy

CFA President & CEO Dr. Sybil Francis brought the voice of the majority of Arizona voters to the recent forum, “Why Civility in Politics is Critical for the Future of Our Democracy,” hosted by Deseret News. Moderated by Doug Wilks, Executive Editor of the Deseret News, the esteemed panel also featured Paul Carrese, founding director of the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership at Arizona State University, Jack McCain, of the McCain Institute, and Lea Marquez Peterson, chair of the Arizona Corporation Commission. The group discussed the importance of civility in our politics and what may be causing perceived division. Attendees engaged in small group discussions on potential solutions to protecting and advancing productive civil discourse and civic engagement. Dr. Francis was able to share some of the critical findings from CFA’s recent Arizona Voters’ Agenda surveys.

Read Deseret’s full coverage of the forum.

DATOS 2022

Earlier this month, CFA team members joined the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC) at their 26th Annual DATOS: The State of Arizona's Hispanic Market. The annual event and report provides the most comprehensive compilation of research on the Hispanic community and its impacts on the economy. As a data-driven organization, CFA thoroughly believes in the power of data to build community and spark ideas, and deeply appreciates AZHCC’s commitment to helping leaders make decisions to support the future of our state and all Arizonans.

Download the digital DATOS book.

Providing Insights at the Arizona State Tax Conference in Lake Havasu City

CFA’s very own Director of Strategic Data Initiatives, Ian Dowdy, attended the annual state tax conference in Lake Havasu City and presented on the importance of making investments in Arizona that build a more prosperous future for all Arizonans. Among the insights Ian shared was the recent data that shows Arizona voters, regardless of political party, would rather see continued investments in critical infrastructure– like education, healthcare, and transportation– than a tax cut.

WESTMARC and Young Talent Advisors Panel

Arizona’s long-term success depends on the contributions of all our young people. It’s important to understand and respond to their highest priorities, values, and goals to make Arizona “the place to be” for the next generation of leaders. On Oct. 19, CFA Civic Health Project Manager, Madison Rock, moderated WESTMARC’s West Valley Hot Topics panel discussion, “Emerging Leaders.” The panel featured emerging leaders of the West Valley who discussed their perspectives on the top priorities for the future of the state.

FYI: CFA’s Young Talent Survey Report & Arizona Young Talent Progress Meter were some of the tools that were used to look more closely at those priorities.

Arizona Education Leaders Panel: Yes on Prop 308

Last week, students, educators, Valley of the Sun United Way, Helios Education Foundation, and Education Forward Arizona held an informative discussion to help the community learn more about Prop 308 and how it can benefit Arizona students and our economy.

CFA supports Prop 308– giving equal access to in-state tuition for Arizona's Dreamers – because it is consistent with the priorities of Arizonans. We know that the majority of Arizona voters want to reduce financial barriers for students going to college, they want to see more students pursue and complete education or training beyond high school, and a vast majority of Arizonans are consistently supportive of efforts to ensure the state’s 24,000 Dreamers can thrive and contribute to our community.

Learn more about Prop 308.

In the News
Arizona Voters’ Agenda Highlights
Latest Opinion Columns from Dr. Sybil Francis

DATA SNAPSHOT: Keep Voter Turnout Up by Keeping it Easy to Vote
In 2018, Arizonans turned out in record numbers to vote in the midterms, the highest turnout since 1982, at 64% of the registered population. Source
Why it Matters: High turnout numbers are a sign of a healthy democracy. It is important to aim for growing the participation levels of our elections, and, one way to do that, is working to make voting as accessible as possible. Arizona voters have a long tradition of voting by mail and our state election system has processes in place, like early voting centers, that make voting very accessible. Recent survey research also points to the fact that Arizona voters want it to remain easy to vote. According to our Arizona’s Voter Agenda survey results, over 87% of likely Arizona voters support making voting easy and accessible for all communities.

Find where to vote and more at Arizona.Vote.

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