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Supporting Arizona’s Future Every gift to CFA is an investment in the long-term success of our state

Posted on March 15, 2022By Larissa Durkin , Graduate Research Assistant, Center for the Future of Arizona

What happens when you make a donation to the Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA)?  

All of our work is to ensure that the public values we share are realized for all Arizonans, and we do this by shaping and advancing The Arizona We Want. We listen to Arizonans to learn what matters most to them, share trusted data about how Arizona is doing in those priority areas, bring critical issues to public attention, and work with communities and leaders to solve public problems. With the continued contributions of individual donors, foundations, and corporations, CFA is able to sustain and grow our efforts to achieve a stronger and brighter future for our state, where all Arizonans thrive and enjoy sustained prosperity, unmatched quality of life, and real opportunity.

When you donate to CFA you are:  

  • Advancing systems-level change that reflects Arizonans’ Shared Public Values
  • Supporting research and efforts to provide trusted information to the community and its leaders for data-backed decision-making
  • Empowering collaborative community partnerships that foster cross-sector innovation and solution building

Our well-known Gallup Arizona Survey provides a deep understanding of what matters most to Arizonans and their priorities for the future. It is the basis on which we built The Arizona We Want: The Decade Ahead report and action agenda for the future, and informs our work to find positive and collaborative ways to address and respond to our state’s challenges.

CFA created, maintains, and regularly updates The Arizona Progress Meters to measure how Arizona is doing and our collective progress in areas critical to achieving The Arizona We Want. We actively utilize, report out, and share this trusted tool to help frame conversations and prompt action among policymakers, business leaders, civic leaders, educators, and others across the state.

CFA’s ongoing statewide efforts in education, workforce, and civic engagement have been instrumental for many years in tackling complex issues critical to Arizona’s future – with a focus on advancing equity and excellence across the education system, building civic leaders and fostering civic engagement, and working with institutions and employers on new models of career advancement. Collaboration moves Arizona forward. CFA works with many partners to develop and implement innovative efforts and ensure each initiative is successful.

Each community member impacted contributes towards creating a stronger and brighter for Arizona. Our programs directly impact the lives of individuals and drive long-term change at the systems level throughout the state. Some highlights of our programs’ reach includes:

  • Beat the Odds School Leadership Academy (BTO) Academy has trained more than 370 school leaders impacting 130,000+ students.  
  • Arizona Personalized Learning Network has trained and engaged 150+ school leaders in implementing and sustaining personalized learning impacting 85,000+ students. 
  • Arizona Pathways to Prosperity has engaged more than 60,000 students in early college pathways and dual credit courses, leading to increased high school graduation rates, enrollment in post-secondary education, and completion of post-secondary degrees/credentials. 
  • School Participatory Budgeting engaged 63,000+ students in learning democracy by doing each year and has registered 5,000+ students to vote in future elections since its inception.  
  • RetailWorks AZ brought the industry-recognized National Retail Federation (NRF) Rise Up Credential to Arizona and has upskilled 500+ job seekers and workers through the National Retail Industry Fundamentals curriculum 

CFA is deeply grateful for our change-making donors and partners who have made CFA’s continued work and growth possible over nearly twenty years. We invite our community to join us in moving Arizona forward by investing in our work today.


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